I'm Katrina, nineteen years old and an upcoming college freshman. A dreamer, but at the same time aware of the issues of the real world. In love with movies, music, friends, photography, color guard, Grey's Anatomy. A bit of an overachiever, but also loves to have fun and be lazy.
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Decisions, decisions.

5 Jul 2011

Getting way too attached.
This needs to change.
Especially since we only have this summer left.
Next summer…he has classes or he has co-op for engineering.
No vacations or lazy days like we used to have.
Not even sure if we will see each other at all after we both move in to our dorms.
Complete opposite ways from our hometown.
No more *us* after September.
It’s probably not gonna last, right?
There’s no *next* summer to look forward to.
Or a *next* school year.
It’s just these last 33 days (total…this is subtracting his vacations, camp, and my orientations) of summer.
After that…no more.



I need to do something about this.

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29 Jun 2011

oh my goodness. :’3 how adorable is THAT??!

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Summer goals

17 Jun 2011

Alright! I have about 4 months of summer vacation and I need to do something about it!
Here are my semi-long term goals.

These goals aren’t impossible to achieve! I have been doing something to achieve these, I promise!

For example…

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